Aza approached Wunderdogs in 2019 with a request to develop a visual language for their new brand system. The company was previously called "Bitpesa": Aza also became Wunderdogs' first naming project. I was the leading designer on the project, and the main challenge I've faced there was to combine what's at first seemed uncombinable. On the one hand, it was a colourful and cheerful visual language of the company's African roots; on the other - it was a strict and corporate look&feel of the financial landscape. 
We based the brand's palette on different African flags, which became the most active and distinguishing aspect of the identity. However, the shades of blue and green linked it back to the financial sector, as well as the strict geometric shapes of the logo and key visuals. Nexa, a circular geometric grotesque, added to the institutional look&feel while keeping it friendly and accessible. Aza's identity won the Core77 Visual Communication Award in 2020 and C2A Corporate Identity Award in 2020.

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