Enveda approached Wunderdogs in 2020 with a request to design an identity and a website for their new brand. I was the leading designer on the project, and Enveda is by far my most favourite client: the detailed feedback throughout the process was an essential part of the work. Enveda is a bioscience start-up, and for us, as designers, it meant visualising a lot of scientific information that needed additional explanations. Enveda's team has done a great job at that. 
The identity is self-explanatory. The logomark represents Enveda's technology (the letter "E" ): natural drug discovery (the leaf) with the help of breakthrough advancements in knowledge graphs, machine learning, and metabolomics (the geometrical structures at the base of the leaf). The electric green links to both natural and scientific matters; the collage illustrations also represent the botanical and the technological aspects of Enveda, contrasting between hexagon grids and green elements inside of them. The website work, including several scientific animations illustrating Enveda's research scope, earned the Honorable Mention on Awwwards in 2020.

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