Locate is the world's first tech-enabled real estate brokerage. It means that they created a platform that analyses mobile data and provides reports of a site location, bringing a new level of value to their retail clients. It was one of the most challenging projects I've ever worked on as an art director and a designer: we had quite a few rounds before locking down the final assets. However, the result was a success: after many iterations, we managed to create an identity that would appeal to both the luxury-style brokers and the end clients, the retailers with a more democratic taste. 
The logomark symbolises the "locating instruments", a target and a locator. The elegant all-caps usage of F37 Ginger font creates a luxury feel, while the sentence case looks friendlier and more approachable. In combination, different styles of the same font address the duality of Locate. Other identity elements do it too: the gold&navy palette makes the brand look trustworthy and respectable, while the white space and boxy web layouts highlight its superior technology and modernity.

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